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The Price of Anabolic Steroids

Despite the bad press that steroids get you probably will find it shocking to discover that steroid use is getting worse. A study that was done in England 1993 that surveyed 1300 gym-going men showed 9% were taking steroids on a regular basis.

A similar survey was done in 2006 over the same area but covering a bigger sample by talking to doctors, showed 30% of male patients they see take steroids. The point is that the problem of steroid abuse is getting worse in the USA and the UK, with various studies done in American schools and universities showing similar results.

Steroids were first manufactured around 1930 to help stimulate bone growth, increase appetite, muscle growth and speed up puberty in teenagers with reduced T values. It was only in the late 1950's when Soviet weightlifters started using them to enhance performance that they started to become a problem.

Steroid abuse quickly spread to other sports that resulted in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banning the taking of any performance enhancer in the early 1960's. But that did not stop the scientists discovering new and effective ways to get steroids in the system.

Today there are a number of choices from injecting directly into the muscle to tablets and capsules that attempt to slow down the release of the steroid taken. When taking tablets this means that your liver and kidneys are processing the steroid over and over because of the time release built into the tablet or capsule.

This would have the same effect on your liver and kidneys as drinking all night. It causes liver and renal insufficiency, but the problem when taking a slow release steroid tablet is that it is happening all the time. The result is long-term damage and cancer to these two vitally important organs.

But that is only part of the problem because along with the desirable anabolic effects like increased protein synthesis making your muscles grow faster, there are serious androgenic effects. From acne to increased aggression, below is a brief list of probable side effects.

Hair loss, destruction of brain cells causing violent mood swings, nausea and suicidal tendencies. Acne, boils and spots because of a 20% reduction in white cell production. This weakens the immune system making you more susceptible to all types of infections.

Gynecomastia or man-boobs, high blood pressure is seen in all types of steroids and the nausea mentioned above is caused by the liver not working properly that can often cause severe vomiting when trying to digest food. Water retention, impotence and infertility.

The problem is made worse when we consider the underground nature of how the steroids got in your hands. You have no idea what the tablet you are taking actually has in it. Just because it is in some fancy blister pack or well packaged ampoule does not mean it is the real thing.

The chances that the "cheap steroid" that you purchased from your local dealer only contains 5% of the active ingredient is actually immaterial when you consider the highly complex array of drugs available to hide it from steroid testing. From diuretics to the cancer drug Tamoxifen, have all become part of the complex steroid mix when we start using them to compete.

In conclusion the price of taking anabolic steroids is high, even if you paid nothing for them, the cost both physically and mentally could be permanent. The problem is that building muscle is hard work and steroids work, which is why they are being used more and more.

A professor from the Yale School of Medicine called Barbara Ehrlich says that the body-beautiful culture we have become shows no sign of slowing down, she pessimistically admits that when a product promises something for nothing the problem can only be solved by education.

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