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Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

If you are someone who is able to train at least three times a week on a regular basis, then you will know very well what else is needed. Good nutrition along with decent recovery time are what muscles are built from. You could have the best training routine for your body at the perfect time, but without good daily nutrition and 8 hours of sleep you would lose muscle and not gain it.

If we think of the three legs on which building muscle is built being training, diet and recuperation then we can take it a step farther by eating foods that increase our ability to recuperate from stress. Whether it be mental stress or physical stress we need a specific folate to enable this process.

Foods that are rich in these folates will increase our mood-regulating neurotransmitters called serotonin and dopamine and this enables you to increase the intensity that you can train with. But more importantly it speeds up your ability to recuperate.

We get these important folates that we need from all leafy greens like spinach and Lettice, but there are other sources coming from any fermented foods like yogurts and cream-cheese. There are more exotic sources of these important folates like Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon and Pistachios.

You also get plenty in dark chocolate, blueberries and sunshine. We need this to survive and our creator built us in a way that we get more effective at hunting when we eat fermenting foods, which was a staple diet for Neanderthal man. The reason we can hunt better is because we would have an elevated level of serotonin and dopamine.

We would not only be able to increase the intensity of the hunt and be more effective but we would be able to repair from a day’s hunting a lot faster. The compounded effect of the increased levels of these two important hormones means an elevated mood with increased ability to concentrate.

The food options briefly listed above are called stress foods because they increase the body’s ability to deal with stress, both physical and mental stress. One can take the three pillars on which muscle building stands and adjust the nutrition to enable the whole process.

We need to refine these adjustments as soon as we have created a habit out of the three required pillars on which muscle building is built. This can be done very effectively by looking at the whole process of building muscles in a new way. Just a small adjustment like spinach can increase the intensity of your workout.

Popeye was right, for more than 80 years the public have been told that Popeye gets his strength from spinach. Ironically the truth is that when spinach is eaten on a regular basis there is an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels. This not only elevates your mood; it makes you feel stronger because you are more capable of increasing the intensity of any movement.

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