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ECA Stack for Fat Burning

ECA: EC What?

ECA is the combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin, or their herbal equivalents. This is the most potent fat burning supplement stack on the planet. Hydroxycut was one of the first and strongest fat burning products on the market. It set the level for the supplement business. Still, with hundreds of companies trying to compete, the name hydroxycut stands out. What is in Hydroxycut that makes it so popular? Simple, it's an ECA stack. When combined with diet and cardiovascular exercise, ECA dramatically improves the body's fat burning capabilities. It can be used only before workouts to generate super-human intensity, or throughout the day to promote fat loss, either way ECA can help take your physique from soft and fluffy to rock hard and imposing. This supplement has been around for years, it is used by all pro bodybuilders and many professional athlete's in other sports as well. It is so effective in promoting intensity, it was actually banned by the NCAA because players who used it gained an unfair advantage. Now ECA is no substitute for hard work, but it will definitely help you to more quickly realize the fruits of your labor. So weather you're 60 pounds overweight and overwhelmed by the thought of losing it all, or just looking to shed those last few stubborn pounds, ECA can make the difference you've been looking for. Some components to look for in good energizers are Ephedrine (mahuang), Kola nut, Guarana, Sasparilla root, White Willow Bark, Cayenne, and Caffeine.

Warnings of the ECA stack

Ephedrine, which is in the ECA stack, is not for everyone. There have been reported deaths from ephedrine, and that is why it will eventually be removed from all shelves in the US. Side effects form ephedrine include, but are not limited to, insomnia, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, restlessness, euphoria. Anyone considering using any fat loss supplement should always consult their physician first.

There is no magic in bodybuilding. There is no magic fat loss product. In order to see results from the ECA stack, the athlete needs to diet, rest, and cardio. The more the user slacks on his diet, the less they will see positive results.

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