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Eating To Get Huge!

The first thing I hear from most people is how they want to gain 30 pounds in X amount of time, without putting on much body fat. Well, gentlemen, I say it is almost impossible. I think someone who is attempting to transform their body, will only hinder maximum gains because of sub-optimal calories. I am sure some of you have heard something to this effect before…to get big you have to eat big. Well, I say, to get HUGE, you have to eat HUGE. Follow me here. This advice may not apply to some guys who just want to add a few pounds, so if this is you, I am not trying to reach you with the message. This is for those who really want to get freaky.

If you are on a cycle, chances are you are not getting enough calories in daily to maximize your gains. I mean, why would you take the chances you have, and limit your growth because you are afraid of losing your abs? Fat is easy to lose, Muscle is hard to gain. Leave those pretty boy ab underwear models next to the treadmill, and come with me to get HUGE. I am sure some of you have seen some ratio somewhere that says you should be breaking down your calories like this…50% carbs/35% protein/15% fat…I think that is sub optimum.


It took me years to figure this out, but since I did, I have reaped the benefits ever since. Protein makes you grow. You need lots of protein. LOTS. I am a high protein freak! There are times when I will try to get 400-500 grams a day, and I get strong as an ox! This is not easy to do, so don't kid yourself. But it is doable. I get protein from a variety of sources…red meat, chicken, some dairy (limited) but mostly from MRP's or straight whey protein concentrate. The only thing with whey is you need to take it in every 2 hours or so…but you can really keep you nitrogen balance on the positive side with it.


Carbs should make up the majority of your other calories. I believe in cycling carbs, but only when dieting…really doesn't do much for you when you are bulking.


You need a certain amount of fats for your body to function properly. A good one to have at all times is Flax seed oil. This nutrient has many benefits, and I always get a couple of TBSL in a day. The rest is up to you. Fat is energy and calories, and you need it. Enough said.

Now, let's get down to it… The main thing I want to impress upon you is this…most people have NO idea how many calories they consume a day. NONE. You cannot guess this. You need a good calorie book, scale, and notebook to even begin to know what you are getting in. This is so important…as you will always use this info…while bulking or dieting. Learn what is in the foods you eat! Write everything down.

Secondly, you have to eat at least 6 meals a day…no less. If you make a mistake, make it getting too many calories, not too few! You may have to sub some shakes for meals, but that is not a problem. Just make sure you get plenty in them. This may seem hard to believe, but eating to get huge takes practice. There are still days I don't want to eat…but I always remind myself how much I want to eat when I am dieting. Once you have done a precontest diet a few times, you can appreciate this! But sometimes you just don't want to eat…you are sick of chicken or tuna and know you have to get your calories in. There is only one thing to do, go buy whatever the hell you really can eat, and eat a lot of it. Donuts, chips, whatever. Get your protein in, and then go ballistic.

I realize it is hard to eat Huge on a budget. I was a broke college kid a few years ago, and I pulled it off…here are some examples of what I did…

Cretin's Tuna and Rice:

I cooked this down in a rice cooker, but any cooking pt will do. Cook 1 cup of rice…and when it is almost done, add 1 can of drained tuna. Mix 2 TBLS of BBQ in, and cook it down. You can barely taste the tuna.

Example bulk shake: 100 grams whey protein, 1-2 cups whole milk or water, a few scoops ice cream, and a snickers bar.

Here are some other things to add:

*Pizza, a dominoes large cheese pizza has over 2000 calories, a load of protein, and in most places you can get one for around $5 or so…good deal.

*Hamburgers (.99 Wendy's double stack!)

*Whenever Burger king has a .99 whopper sale, LOOK OUT! How bout almost 1k cal per whopper!


*Donuts, pastries, candy bars, ice cream, etc.

*Steak/baked potato.

*Buffet, Buffet, Buffet

Do you see the point yet? Get your protein, get way excess calories, and get the most from your cycle. Dieting is for later don't worry about it now. Enjoy this time, get big, push all your compound movements up, and get stronger than ever before. You will keep this strength, and use it forever. But you have to get extreme to get there…those model ab boys will never do this…but you can roll over them when you do.

Have you ever see a really impressive thick physique…huge legs, deep separated lower back, massive back and huge shoulders? Chances are that guy is either a genetic freak, or has bulked up big time and grew from it. Some people who know me say I have some really disgustingly sick body parts…and I attribute it to what you read above. I am only 5'8, and when I was 18 weighed 150 pounds. 8 years later, I carry 260 well…and plan on competing this year around 225. So, I know it works. I am by no means a genetic freak, and everyone in my family is small, not athletic whatsoever. I broke the mold, and you can too.

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