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Beginner Bodybuilding Tips

By Supplement Source Canada

Contrary to what many people believe, bodybuilding isn't some mystical art that only a few can achieve. Anyone can work their way to huge muscles with enough time and dedication. The key lies in discipline; by using the right routines and maintaining the proper diet, bulking is easy.

Proper Routines

For beginners, the most effective workout is likely the Starting Strength routine. Designed by Mark Rippetoe, this routine focuses on the major compound lifts: squat, benchpress, deadlift, and overhead press. It helps beginners work towards the major strength benchmarks: a 1.5 bodyweight benchpress, 2.5 bodyweight deadlift, 1 bodyweight squat, and the 1 bodyweight overhead press. If you follow the starting strength routine until you hit this point, you can branch out into 5x5 Stronglifts or another lifting routine that focuses on hypertrophy rather than strength training.


For a bodybuilder, their diet should consist mainly of protein. By keeping protein intake high while reducing the amount of carbs and fats to acceptable levels, you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild your muscles bigger and better than before. Proper protein intake should be at least 0.6 grams per pound of bodyweight, although many people round it off to 1 gram per pound. There is no risk of taking in too much protein; any excess that your body doesn't use is flushed out of your system naturally, and there are no adverse side effects.

Drinking a protein shake immediately following your workout is the best way to give your body that initial boost of recovery it needs. Spread the rest of your intake out over the rest of the day. Eat clean chicken breasts, fish, and other healthy foods, at around a 500 calorie surplus. Depending on the intensity of your training, you may want to eat around 1000 calories more than your maintenance.

By doing these two things, you'll find your body changing. The initial gains you make will move quickly and provide you with momentum to keep doing more. However, as time goes on, training will take more and more time, but this is normal. Don't get discouraged if you have a bad week. Within six months of doing this, you'll see massive changes. Within a year, you'll be a totally different person than you are now. Other than the huge muscles you'll receive, you'll find yourself sleeping better, feeling healthier, and having more energy overall.

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